Affordable Art Fair Stockholm 2018

10-14 oktober

Jag deltar på mässan tillsammans med Galleri FINAL

About my container ship paintings

You see a ship heading out to sea, soon it disappears beyond the horizon. Like a film with an open ending, your imagination creates its own story.

Slowly, mysteriously, giant boxes drift over the sea, containing most of the things that our society requires of computers, clothes, etc…, but we cannot see them.

They also make you consider how we live our lives, and how we have built our civilization. Processes that are difficult to perceive when you are in the middle of them.

My fascination with container ships has many grounds. The physical shapes of the ships are exciting. They look like giant cubist sculptures, sometimes resembling a modern city. One can also view them as people, different individuals with different personalities.

Finally, things happen to you when you are there, right next to these gigantic ships that are as tall as a minor skyscraper and 200-400 m long. It is a very special feeling.


How it began…

My daughter was furnishing her apartment, and someone said to me ”When you live in Gothenburg, I think you should have a marine painting on the wall. Couldn’t you paint one?” I’m sure they were thinking of an old sailing ship. I painted a container ship, and then I was hooked.

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